Danny Streit

I moved to Nashville from Tupelo, by way of Memphis, each job taking me deeper into the design community. Being a student of lighting and having traveled to places far and near, I've seen it all—great lighting, it-will-do lighting, and lighting that's downright funny when funny wasn't the intent. Listening to architects, designers, engineers, and owners tell their stories and share their frustrations over the past 20 years has led me to this place. The person who's thinking, "There's got to be a better way"—that's the person I like to work with because there truly is a better way. 

I'm committed to good lighting design, to our communities and their resources, and to our beautiful dark skies. I'm a design enthusiast, lighting geek, lighting controls specialist, advocate, and can easily be talked into a game of golf.

And if you see someone in a restaurant that's looking at the lighting in the ceiling instead of the food, that's me. 
Come introduce yourself.

Danny Streit, LC, Associate IALD, Member AIA, IES, USGBC, IDA
P.O. Box 23983
Nashville, TN 37202-3983

Melinda Streit

My path to marketing and operations has been a route involving some very interesting industries, companies and people. This winding course landed me in the middle of the lighting industry, and consequently, as partner in a lighting design firm.

One might think me at odds as one part analytical and one part creative, but it feeds my desire to be in the middle of all the moving parts involved in running a business which includes daily operations, planning, project proposals and contracts, accounting, design recommendations and marketing. Having been involved in so many different industries has given me an appreciation in watching businesses, small and large, grow. The best part of what I do? Hands down it's meeting and working with the very talented and knowledgeable people in the design business.

I am admittedly a compulsive list-maker and planner, but some of my favorite experiences have been unplanned. Maybe that's what makes my role so intriguing—there are so many parts to it that I'm frequently taking the unplanned path and loving it.

P.O. Box 23983
Nashville, TN 37202-3983