​Concept/Orientation Phase

  • Tour existing facility when required, and document client concerns and objectives
  • Review requirements of lighting and lighting control systems for new buildings
  • Evaluate the possible use and effect of natural daylight
  • Attend BIM coordination meeting with architect and engineer to discuss
    minimum model ​requirements necessary to work effectively in Revit.

Schematic Design Phase

  • Conceptual design sketches
  • Research local energy codes
  • Establish illumination criteria based on IESNA standards
  • Establish lighting control criteria
  • Discuss range of possible deduction alternatives
  • Assist with project budgeting
  • Prepare preliminary light fixture cuts and renderings to convey design intent
  • Design to LEED and/or WELL requirements

Design Development Phase

  • Provide documentation confirming recommendations conforming to local energy codes
  • Update control narrative and possible integration with building control system
  • Develop preliminary light fixture schedule
  • Perform photometric calculations
  • Develop preliminary BIM model with light fixtures
  • Coordinate preliminary elevations and mounting details of fixtures that integrate
    with the architecture
  • Contact and work with lighting manufacturers as needed
  • Work with manufacturer and support design team reviewing custom light fixture drawings
  • Perform mockups/sample review to verify and support design parameters
  • Collaborate with electrical engineer to further develop the lighting control strategy
  • Prepare a complete DD fixture schedule

Construction Documentation

  • Prepare all plans, schedules, diagrams, photometrics, specifications and lighting power
    density calculations necessary for construction and support of design team requirements
    in meeting all applicable codes.
  • Provide final BIM Model
  • Provide all plans, diagrams, and sequence of operations for lighting control system;
    prepare final fixture schedule with all specifications and details to include, if required,
    a three (3) product name specification for each fixture.
  • Revise documents to incorporate value engineered items and review the VE process
    to maintain the design intent.

Construction Administration Phase

  • Evaluate bids for fixture and controls budget compliance
  • Review lighting fixture submittals
  • Coordinate lighting controls programming
  • Prepare and review punch lists
  • Participate in resolution of field issues
  • Attend meetings as necessary throughout the design and construction administration phase.

DHS Lighting Design does not sell or distribute lighting fixtures or equipment.

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or agency. This allows us to 
approach your projects with transparency, providing unbiased lighting and
lighting control systems expertice.

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